PRAYAS – A small step towards a clean and green environment.

About Us


Incessant exploitation of our natural resources has shown some alarming results in recent times. Tsunamis, frequent landslides, flash floods, earthquakes, and droughts are just to name a few. This rapid degrading of our environment has sent alarm bells ringing through catastrophes such as unpredictable climate changes, change in rain pattern, melting down of glaciers and rise in sea levels. As a consequence, experts are beginning to question the sustainable survival of not only human beings but other living beings as well.

Therefore, constant efforts are being made across the globe by various local and global organizations to sensitize the community about the exhaustive nature of our valuable natural resources and the need to preserve them. With a similar objective in mind, this Eco Club has been created to contribute towards a cleaner and greener society that is environmentally aware and responsible. It will work to instill environmental awareness among students through various activities; thereby, ensuring an environmentally aware and friendly community in the future.

The objectives of the eco-club include:
1. Educate students about alarming environmental issues by increasing awareness.
2. Instill a responsible and proactive attitude among students towards environmental protection and preservation.
3. Encourage students to use eco-friendly products in their daily life.
4. Engage students in environmental awareness and preservation activities at a local level.
5. Organize environmental preservation and cleanliness drives at regular intervals.


To create a responsible community that respects the environment and makes conscious efforts for environmental protection and conservation.


To work together as a cohesive unit to spread environmental awareness and work towards nurturing a responsible attitude amongst students towards their immediate environment.


The Mentors of Eco-clubs are -

Dr. Surender Kaur

Er. Vishal Singh

Dr. Jitendra Kumar